The Darkness
Some people dream in colour
see rainbows and bright lights.
Others see whole kingdoms
with dragons set in flight,
or maybe a fair maiden
and her heroic knight.
But I know not this feeling.
Can't see what others might.

Although not so in daytime,
there is one thing I lack,
 when it's time to close my eyes
all I see is black.

As I lie down to rest
and try to fall asleep
my vision becomes blurry
and the darkness starts to creep

The darkness crawls atop me
chasing dreams away
all night it lingers in my breath
keeping the light at bay.

My greatest fear is that one day
to my dismal surprise
The darkness will be all I see
when I open my eyes.


A voice was stufled,
The country in shock.
And all the news sites
Work around the clock

To write about a woman
They loved to hate
And now they sit writing
Too little too late.

Now we sit silent
With thoughts that won't cease
And all we can say now
Is rest in peace
Disquiet thoughts keep me awake
Forcing me to remember
Remember the times I made a mistake
Or like that time last December
When our eyes met briefly and you walked away
Like a common street gecko runs when it's become prey
I cherish these thoughts, they keep me grounded
And keep me from worries quite often unfounded
So that I may remember you in the past
And hope that in future these memories fade fast.
My talent doesn't see praise
Cause what people see most days
Is folks with vocal ability
Not lyrical stability.
Mostly ignoring the illegibility
Of lyrics written with no sensibility.

Lyrics scribbled on scraps of paper
To be sorted later
By someone far better
At arranging an order
Than the performer
Whose only concern is the awards
They'll get for singing the chorus
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